Know Different Hangers Before You Buy Them!

Closets are an integral part in our house designing. They play vital role in keeping our clothes and accessories organized. When it comes to closets for organizing clothes, then the need of hangers are simply must have. Let’s have a look at different types of hangers so that you are able to choose the right type for your clothes.

These hangers are the cheapest among all other types of hangers. Often these hangers are used by dry cleaners and other laundry professionals. They are not as such liked by most of the people to use in their closets. It is because they are quite flimsy so it is very much possible that they may bend and collapse with the weight of your clothes.

If you have to; then use these hangers for shorter possible time. Thereafter either give them away for recycling or use to make some DIY craft.

Tubular Hangers:
These hangers are not expensive and are ideal for lightweight clothes. With their notched shoulders they make a right choice for clothes having sleek or wide-set straps. Another advantage is that they won’t rust and discolor your clothes. But you cannot use them for heavy or woolen clothes etc.

Molded Plastic:
These are cheap and light-weight hangers but they can also be sturdy as well and can be ideally used for coat or suits etc. You can have strong plastic hangers too in this category and they do not leave any marks on clothes too. If you are looking for skirt hangers in this type then look for the one with clips to hang your skirts with better organised approach.

Fabric Padded Hangers:
These are beautiful hangers covered with satin or some other smooth fabric so as to prevent snags. These hangers are meant for lingerie and light weight garments. Most of these hangers have buttons sewn on near the corners so that the straps do not fell down. These hangers are not meant for skirts, slacks or heavy garments.

Another use of these padded hangers is that they can be used as sachets and you can fill fragrance of your choice in them and feel the aroma in your clothes too.

Wood Hangers:
These hangers are good for hanging coats, suits or jackets. Since their structure is strong, it is east to hold heavy clothes in them and they maintain their shape. Its sturdy shape maintains the gap between clothes and thus air circulation with minimal abrasion.

Cedar Hangers:
If you are fond of aroma then these hangers are for you. Thee hangers keep moth and larvae away and thus protecting your clothes. These hangers are not polished and you just need to rub it lightly using fine grit sandpaper and they are refreshed.

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Six Common Mistakes of Choosing Accessories on Wedding Day


When you are planning your wedding dress and other accessories, everything you want to be perfect. And a beautiful dress with misfit accessory or jewelry will just spoil your wedding look. It will be truly wastage of money and time. Of course, you will never want that awkward look. So you need to be careful of these mistakes which can mar your gorgeous look. Here you will get the points which will help you not doing such mistakes.  

The six common mistakes happen while choosing your wedding accessory 

Some of those common mistakes which can spoil your wedding look are here described below: 

  • Buying jewelry before buying the wedding dress: Most of the brides do this mistake. They buy their jewelry before choosing the wedding dress. And mostly there is a tendency among the brides of choosing a dress completely different from their jewelry. The same goes for the shoes. If you choose a pair of different shoes, which is not matching with the dress, it will make you look ridiculous rather than beautiful. 

  • A common tendency of upstaging the dress: It is too necessary to keep in mind that whatever theme or style may be chosen by you, you will never upstage your dress. Jewelries or custom made jewellery are meant to support your look, they are not the center of attraction ever. This is a quite important point to be kept in mind. 

  • Often colored accessories are neglected: While choosing the wedding dress, brides often neglect the colored accessories. But it is a wrong conception in fact. Number of colorful jewelries will enhance your wedding look and classic neutral colors will get a better replacement. 

  • Skin tones are often forgotten: It is natural that different skin tones need different matching jewelry. Gold, silver or diamond- what will be a good choice according to your skin tone, think and ask yourself. If you cannot get an answer by yourself, it will be better to ask for expert advice. The same condition goes for choosing the colored stone. Whether you are fair or not, the color of stone will depend on it. Find out the best choice for colorful stone as per your skin tone. 

  • Buying trendy jewelries is a mistake: You may like the trendy jewelries, but you need to keep in mind that too much trendy designs will make your wedding album outdated quickly. It is a lifetime asset, so better you look for the classic styles of custom made jewellery with trendy touch. This will keep your bridal look glamorous forever. 

  • Everything will be matched: It is not necessary that everything should be matched. You just need to keep in mind that the day is your own. Make it special with your look.

A Few Trends To Be Followed This Season

So, winter has slowly but surely gone away and we are left with the scorching sun shining brightly at us. It has become really difficult to wear good clothes and dress up during summers, because everything tends to wear off especially the makeup. If you are looking forward to beat the heat, then read ahead to find out about the varied trends which will definitely help you in looking amazing this season.


Prints are your best friend in the heat. You do not wish to head out in the day time wearing heavily embellished garments which are uneasy to carry. Dressing smartly is the key to look flawless in summers and therefore one must pay attention to wearing prints, which are available in different types of fabrics. Floral printed summer dresses have become a rage in all parts of the world. If you are one of those who does not reckon with the flower power, then you can always go for bolder prints such as Aztec, checks, stripes, etc. Whatever be your style you will definitely find a print which suits your personality.

Cotton and linen fabric

Come summer, and cotton and linen are back in fashion. The fact that they are so very comfortable against the skin makes them the penultimate utopia of comfortable fashion. One can also choose from fabrics like chiffon and silk, but then again, they are overly expensive and are not as comfortable as the formerly mentioned fabrics. Garments in crisp cotton look ideal for a hot afternoon. The fact that they are available in a plethora of prints will allow you to choose the right clothes in accordance to your style. If you are searching for Australian online boutique for you to have perfect attire go right here.


These are the perfect summer wear for girls and ladies. From toddlers to adults, everyone loves their summer dresses. While the daring can opt for a higher hemline, the conservative can go for something below the knee. There is a dress for everyone, because it is available in an array of colors, designs, fabrics, sizes, prints, etc. You can show off your toned legs in such attire; pair it up with a nice bag and shoes, add some sunscreen with a pair of shades and you will be good to go.

Cosmetics and beauty

It is very important to religiously follow a proper beauty routine on a regular basis in order to look good. A cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine must be done every morning and night without fail. It is also important to remove all traces of makeup before hitting the sack. Also try to go for regular facial, to keep the pores clean; use non-comedogenic products to keep pimples and acne at bay. Also making use of waterproof cosmetics will ensure that the makeup stays in place even after wearing it for long hours under the sun. Spring is a nice time to play with colors, so go for colored eyeliners and brightly hued lipsticks.