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Choose Shoes

Least once in life any woman, looking at a bunch of shoe boxes, hope to find something suitable. Here are simple rules which will help you find the shoes for a long dress.

Shoes for evening long dress

Shoes should not cause the pain and discomfort. If you going to buy shoes for an evening dress, it’s best to do it in the 2nd half of the day. By evening the foot swells and becomes more than a morning. For this reason shoes, purchased in the morning, will give you discomfort in the evening.

First let’s define what you need – casual or weekend shoes. Closed shoes or open sandals suitable for evening long dress. Wear shoes with open cape or sandals with open or barenecked dresses. If you want to wear tights, the shoes should be closed. Classic monochrome shoes fit to complicated tailoring dress.

The height of the heel should be selected to your liking. If you always wear flat shoes, shoes should be sustained and the height of the heel should be small. Remember that you should not wear dress with boots or athletic shoes.

If you wear a long evening dress, the shoes can be closed and low-heeled. Remember one thing: if you wear the evening dress, the shoes should be made ​​of thin material.

If you are low girl, choose high heels shoes of 8-10 cm, but don’t complicate your life. Your uncertain gait can ruin all, if you choose high-heeled shoes. In fact, if the heel is high, center of gravity shifting, the body leans forward. Imagine yourself from the outside, don’t overdo it.

If you are not a thin girl and you want make your figure taller, you should pay attention to the shoes with a heel 8 cm, but the heel should be thick.


are not for thick girls. Put these shoes aside better.

If you have thick legs, you can’t wear a very open shoe. Too closed shoes you too will not wear. Before you make the right choice, measure some pair of shoes front of the mirror. You will understand what kind of shoes will better for you.

The image should always be harmony. If the clothes are made ​​of thick fabric, the shoes with pointed toes and high heels don’t fit fine. If the clothes made of heavy fabric, heels too must be massive. Stilettos fit for delicate, fine evening dresses.

You dream about sexy stilettos, but you feel dizzy and trembling knees on high heels? Stilettos are decoration legs of any woman. But not all women are able to walk in high heels. But every girl can learning how to flutter in heels, just make a little effort.

Every woman dreams walk on high heels shoes beautifully

1) Posture.

All seen unfortunate girls who clambered on heels, and hanged above the ground, like a question mark. From outside it doesn’t look attractive. In order for you to have a proud posture, which does not depend on the height of heel, you need a little exercise. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, sit tightly pressed to the back of the chair. The shoulders should be pulled back, legs to stand firmly on the floor, and the spine should be perfectly straight. Stay closely to flat wall for 10-15 minutes in day or walk around the house with a thick book on your head, trying not to drop it. Everybody can envy to your posture after a month of training.

2) Increase the height gradually.

If you went in sneakers and ballet flats all life, the worst thing you can do – is to buy shoes with a heel height of 12 centimeters. You need to get used to the new gradually. Let be your first heels will the height of 5-7 cm. But you are guaranteed not to fall off, wearing them.

3) The first output.

Don’t start practice on the uneven pavement. Don’t wear shoes in the office, if you’re not sure that can stand during all work day. High heels can be wearing if you’re going to a club or theater. But they are not suitable for walking.

4) Take an example.

Take the example of the mannequins. Draw a straight line mentally when you go, and try not deviate from it. So you study a graceful gait from the hip.

Be careful!

High heel is contraindicated if you have problems with blood vessels of legs. You should not provoke the development of varicose veins. None of these shoes aren’t worth the sacrifice.

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