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Heels for All

Girl on high heels shoes are an object of envy and admirers. The girls on high heels have beautiful posture that makes them irresistible and confident. But how can you put into practice the magic of heels, if you are never do it? Or did, but many years ago and have already lost this skill “flying gait?” We’ll show you how to find a confident gait on heels in a short time.

Girls need to learn walk on heels

How to learn walk on heels?

You need to calculate how much time you have left before an important evening for which you want to wear heels. But if you need to wear high heels shoes tomorrow, the more assiduous training will put you on the heels. There are 2 methods of training, depending on how much time you have left.

The first method is suitable for those who have two to three weeks in reserve. You need 5 centimeters heels in which you not intend go to the scheduled event. It is recommended to start training with a small heel, namely, 5 cm. This is the height difference of the foot. This height is suitable for everyday wear.

After an hour’s walk at low heeled shoes pay attention to the health of your feet. It will take no more than 10 minutes. Massage your legs and feet. Then pour into a bath hot black tea or decoction of Hypericum and let feet to stay in such solution. This action reduces fatigue and calms feet. After the daily training for 10 days in the small heel you can wear higher heels, those in which you plan to be at the event.

Second method.

This method is suitable for you if you need to wear high heel shoes tomorrow, and you are not able does it. Don’t copy walking of the models on 15 cm heels. They put feet parallel, with clubfoot. It’s inconvenient for everyday life. After an hour of walking “from heels to the sock,” give the legs a rest and wear the heels. Walk with a book on your head to create a graceful gait. After that you will keep your back straight, straightening your shoulders and rise up chin proudly. So you learn how to quickly walk on heels, not thinking about how you have to put your legs.

How to learn a “flying gait”?

No need to “hammer” the heel in floor or asphalt. Walk as light as possible stepping from heels to the thumb. When walking, tighten the muscles of buttocks and press. In this case your back and legs don’t be weary after a long walk. You can relieve fatigue, rolling the bottle by leg. It will tone up the whole body and acts on the pressure points. If the shoes chosen well, you will stand in it by whole foot and you feel like you are wearing slippers. Then even the on heels of 15 cm you will be able to run and walk gracefully.

Go in shoe store in casual clothes, and start to measure high heels from different firms. Worth take the tights or thin stockings with you. Walk around the store in the shoes to check it is comfortable or not.

Do not be afraid of high heels. Girls who have mastered the art of soaring on heels 12 cm, they just chose comfortable shoes. It’s easier to learn to walk on a thick heel or platform.

Follow these tips and you will succeed!

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