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High Heels


are hold for decades in fashion. It’s necessary attribute the collections of shoes known designers. A long, thin heel emphasizes elegance and femininity of any clothes.

Stilettos not in vain have such popularity in the fashion world. It has a number of advantages. Shoes with thin high heels make a woman visually slightly taller and slimmer. To walk in high heels shoes, you need to keep your back straight and lift chin slightly. Thus, the owner of the shoes becomes the “royal” posture. Slightly unsteady gait makes a girl more fragile and attractive to men.

High heels can be a complement to the feminine dress and a business suit. Many celebrities choose to wear high heels.

However shoes with stiletto heels shouldn’t be worn all the time. Such footwear has a drawback. Frequent wearing stilettos can lead to foot deformity, swelling, flat, cellulite, and may even cause infertility. Therefore it’s very important to wear such shoes correctly. You should not wear high heels all day. Stud height should be less than 7 cm, ideally – 4 centimeters.

Is it harmful to wear high heels?

A woman in high heels – it’s stylish, beautiful and incredibly sexy. High-heeled shoes make a woman taller and legs slimmer. It makes the woman to keep her back straight. Men never miss this beauty, and always endow admiring glances. But what feels very beautiful half of humanity?

Certainly, to walk in high heels – it’s a difficult task. Sometimes the legs so tired, so there is only one desire – to be undressed and fall in bed … But women courageously ready to overcome these difficulties in order to be magnificent. Whether it is harmful? It turns out that if you follow some rules, wearing high heels will not be harmful, and even the somewhat useful. So, the rules:

• Do not wear heels often, and even more so every day. The most optimal variant for the feet is 2-3 hours a day. Necessary to alternate high heels shoes with shoes without heels.

• Buy and wear is only the shoe that sits perfectly, never too tight and doesn’t rub.

• make a relaxation exercise for the legs after removing the shoe with heels: make a relaxing bath with salt, take a contrast shower, make massage with cream.

High-heel shoes are contraindicated:

• Pregnant women (due the risk of falling, and also because of weight gain and misuse of its distribution)

• Women with obesity

• Anyone suffering from varicose veins and flat feet

• Teenage girls due to the risk of deformation posture and foot

• To women whose work takes place “on your feet” when you have a lot of standing or running.

If you observe these simple rules and recommendations, the legs and health will be in order. Doctors believe that wearing shoes with small heel beneficial effects on pelvic organs, keeps your muscles buttocks toned, increases a woman’s libido.

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