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High heels shoes

are considered a seductive attribute in a woman’s wardrobe. Many men agree with this. By the way, the shoes that has become a symbol of femininity, was invented by a man, namely Roger Vivier. In origin he was a Frenchman, and by occupation shoemaker. In 1954 appeared first court shoes on the thin elegant and stunning heels. It immediately became a symbol of elegance and sophisticated style.

Women’s high heels shoes: history, how to wear and how to choose

High heels have always been in fashion, and there is proof. It almost always is among the current trends. The fashion of shoes is always changing. Shape of shoes changing, is changing the texture and color of the material, changing the height of platform. But there are always women’s high-heeled shoes.

Shoes with stiletto heels look better with an open toe. It’s believed that these shoes are the secret weapon of experienced seductress.

By the way, classic court shoes, which appeared due Roger Vivier were without a platform. Heel was not so high (as is considered the modern fashionista), a total of 8 cm. Vivier’s followers invented more extravagant shoes later. Shoes have a 10cm platform and heel height was 20 centimeters.

How to wear high heeled shoes?

Not every woman can walk in high heels. Walk on unstable heels – it’s an art form. Some women put exquisite bracelet on a leg. But if there is no plastic in gait, it looks comical. Not recommended to walk in high heels overweight women. Otherwise, women have at risk of serious injury.

Even doctors recommend to lush ladies refrain from high heels. They can show ease of gait on stable high-heeled shoes.

Ease of gait on heels is an indisputable fact. If a woman on high heels feels confident it seems she does not walk, and flutters. Beautiful gait has a few secrets.

You need to straighten your shoulders and torso to move the center of gravity in the lower back area and then your walk will beautiful. The posture will be almost perfect in this case.

If you wear high heels, you should not go straddle. Even if you want to march like a soldier on parade ground, you will not succeed. After all, shoes will correct gait in the required format in this case.

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