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Pro and Con

Accused: Pointy shoes

It can look very stylish. However, shoes with pointed toes squeezing the front of your foot. After some time it may trigger pain nerves, bumps on the big finger, blisters and bending the toes. Some women have bruises on foot fingers because of constant pressure.

The problem: a bump on the thumb

Bursitis is manifested in the form of a painful protrusion on the thumb, which is why it could unnaturally warp. This bump is formed when the soft tissue or bone in the joints of the fingers shifted. Bursitis may occur after several years of abnormal motion and pressure. Pointy shoes are a common risk factor that explains the prevalence of this disorder among women.

Problem: The deformity of the fingers

High-heeled shoes carry too much body weight on your fingers. As a result, the fingers are compressed. After some time may have an abnormal curvature of the fingers and bending of the joints, which then lose their mobility. Sometimes require surgery to facilitate heavy pain arising from the curvature of the toes. Compression feet when wearing high heels can cause other deformation. And if the shoe still rubs, may cause calluses.

Solution: wide shoes toes

You will avoid the dangers arising from the sharp-nosed shoes, preferring the square-toed shoes. If you don’t like this style of shoe, look for shoes that are beginning to narrow outside foot fingers. Doctors also recommend choosing shoes made of soft materials, not of leather, often quite stiff.

Accused: fashion trends

Lady Gaga is well-known for his eccentric style. In ordinary life, it’s better not risk on buying of shoes with high lift without a heel. She shows very dangerous and dizzy 30-cm stilettos in her music video Bad Romance. As already been said, great stress of the foot leads to damage the bones and nerves.

Solution: stage shoes

Many women don’t want to leave the beauty for the sake of comfort. They prefer physical suffering, rather than be out of fashion. However, not always we must to choose between stunning appearance and convenience. Stage shoes offer a great compromise, given the trends of fashion and your health. These shoes usually have a reinforced heel, structure of sports shoes and a lot of place for your fingers.

The accused: the wrong size shoes

9 of 10 women wear a shoe that is small to them. The consequences of this choice are terrible: calluses, blisters, bursitis and other problems. Constant rubbing feet irritated joints and leads to arthritis. Children, who wearing shoes are not in size, are at risk of foot deformities.

Solution: measure your feet

Make the professional measurement of the length and width of the foot before buying new shoes, preferably at the end of the day. If you have unusually flat feet or very high arches, you should consult at podiatrists. Such conditions increase the risk of osteoarthritis. Early treatment and selection of proper footwear will prevent problems with the joints of the feet.

Men’s Fashion

Pointy shoes crossed the gender barrier. Now this kind of shoe endanger curving fingers, bursitis and pain not only women but also men. Prefer square noses if you want to avoid these problems. Classic pair of oxfords or loafers doesn’t turn head anybody, but it will be properly appreciated by your feet.

Sports fashion: minimalism

A minimalist shoe is the latest trend in the world of shoes. Their goal is to imitate the natural shape of the foot and the mechanics of walking barefoot. Podiatrists aren’t impressed by this idea. This shoe doesn’t give support to the foot and doesn’t provide the normal resilience. Another new feature is the shoe with separated toes. Benefit from it no. These shoes disturb natural foot position when walking.

Sports fashion: convex sole

Shoes with a convex sole can be seen as useful in sports, as facilitate jog motion during walking. Another advantage of this type footwear is reducing joint pain. Convex sole is good for people with small deformations of the foot. However, podiatrists don’t recommend this shoe to the elderly or those whose health has a direct impact on the coordination of movement and muscle strength.

3 tips for choosing shoes

If you want to make a gift to your feet, pay attention to the following doctors’ advice:

• Make sure the shoe bends in the toe area, but not too flexible;

• It’s important that the shoe effectively supports the arch;

• Choose thick heels no higher than 5 cm.

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