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Stand Up!

First the shoes with heels had been characteristic attribute of festive or evening female image. But already in the 20th century in the 70th ’80 high heels became everyday footwear. However, it was decided to wear these shoes only with dress or skirt. But already in the 90 years stilettos heels were worn with business pantsuit. With the coming the 21st century stylists recognized the stilettos like universal shoes. After that, these shoes were worn with shorts, jeans, luxurious weekend outfits, flirty short skirts, trouser suits.

Choose stilettos correctly

It’s important to follow a general rule at purchase high heels shoes. During the fitting notice how you stand firmly on your feet. If you feel some instability, these shoes are not recommended to buy. Don’t lost sight of even the slightest nuance. Or an hour later you will regret that you have purchased these shoes.

Stand on tiptoe during the fitting. Heels need to rise above the floor. This way you can define you will be able to go on heels or not. If between the floor and the heel distance about 2 cm, you will be able to walk in these shoes. If the distance is less, you should choose a lower heel.

The main rule for Spring-Summer 2013 is an elegant femininity, quiet respectability and confidence. Heel and toe have a lot of decorative elements in a typical classical court shoes. Diversity makes some large not numerous decorative items: belts, buckles correct form. This fall will be relevant round and chopped square toes. Hit of the season – shortened classic sharp toe. Stilettos this season will be as high as possible and thinner. Therefore, your legs will look longer and slimmer.

Material shoes should be as diverse as possible, as the colors in the clothes very restrained. Therefore, the emphasis should be on a combination of materials and textures: smooth skin and a variety of fabrics, high-quality suede and lace, metallic or colored heel, textured or patent leather. Special chic is a combination of lacquer and matte skin, and bright-color patent leather shoes. The decoration of shoes may be present abundance of decorative straps, laces and leather belts, decorative buttons, buttons, zippers, buckles and inserts.

How should we choose shoes? As speaks the legendary king of shoes and manufacturer of high heels shoes Manolo Blahnik, “Here reigns heels and quality, the higher the one and the other, the better … I personally like the shoes “with decollete” which opens the tips of the thumb and middle fingers. But not above, otherwise you risk just look vulgar. With the five-centimeter heels you can wear anything you want, with seven-centimeter – a business suit. Heels above ten centimeters hold for a birthday or a party.” By the way, the shoes by Manolo Blahnik wear megastars such as Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Naomi Campbell.

Stilettos made ​​of metallic leather with decorative studs from Dolce & Gabbana excite admiration and envious whispers. Collection Dior by John Galliano presents the stilettos, decorated with rhinestones. Emanuel Ungaro strikes the imagination caramel-colored shoes with stiletto and a small platform, is placed only on the toe of shoe. Guess demonstrates classic burgundy thin heels shoes this season. Not forgot about stilettos Salvatore Ferragamo. His patent leather black shoes are very nice. Don’t forget about the stiletto and such venerable fashion houses as Stella McCartney, Valentino, Balenciaga and Gucci. We wish fashionistas don’t lose in this variety. Don’t forget, a sense of proportion has never stopped anyone.

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