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Impudent Stilettos!

It’s difficult to find another equally elegant and refined part of woman toilet. Stilettos are not just having a gorgeous looks. They make a woman stand up straight and elegant. A woman who knows how to walk in high heels shoes, always attract the attention of beautiful feminine posture and gait. High heels not only lengthen the leg. It make legs a more expressive and sexually. Thin stilettos highlight exciting bendings of the body. No wonder, for many men stiletto heel is a sexual fetish.

One, who first coined a pair of high and thin heels, was a genius! Believed it was one of the designers of the fashion house Dior Charles Jourdan. Charles presented stilettos to the public in the 50s. Any woman, shod in high heels, takes a proud posture and immediately begins to feel more confident.

Every woman wants to walk in evening dress on high heels by beautiful men. High heels are very sexy. A well-known designer and trendsetter, Christian Louboutin, considers that 11 cm long rod – it’s the ideal height for the heel. That’s why “high fashion”.

Fashion on the heel was part of a trend, then gave way to flat-soled shoes. The last stage was in 1920, when Charles Jourdan created the first dress shoes with heels. After that, high heels have become a regular feature of fashionable wardrobe and high style.

Over the years, cloth cut has become easier, and heel on the shoe – higher. In the 50′s. 20th century appeared the first model of shoes on a thin high heels. The merit of this belongs to the fashionable house Dior.

Heels don’t go out of trend so far. It have become a kind of classic. we can not imagine Evening dress in combination of shoes without heels. Fashion designers all over the world are experimenting with the form of stilettos.

If high heels appeared recently in your wardrobe, you should consider a number of important details that will make your life easy.

1. Use a silicone lining into shoes high heels. They will not let your foot slip and reduce the load on the toe.

2. After a stay in high heels more than 1 hour you should make a special foot bath. This action reduces fatigue from your feet; it will return the tone and vigor.

3. Before you wear high heels shoes, you can handle inside of the shoe and a foot a special spray. It will not let your foot to sweat.

4. Heel height should match your foot size. If you are the owner of 35-37 foot size, the 11 cm is not for you. But 8cm heel will be very useful. If your shoe size 37-41, the highest stiletto will look just lovely on your feet. If your foot is more than 41 sizes, it’s possible to make high heels to order. Then your heel may be more than 11 cm.

5. Stilettos perfectly with the dress to the floor, with a cocktail dress or tight trousers. However, don’t wear high heels with a short dress (above the knee) or a mini-skirt. It’s a sign of terrible taste and banality.

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